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What is Booster and what is it used for?

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Date Created: 09/03/2002      Last modified on: 12/01/2007

AppForge Booster (known also as CrossFire Client or MobileVB Client) is an operating system extension that enhances the functionality of handheld devices. When installed on a device, you are able to run thousands of applications developed by the leading mobile application developers, including HandWallet.
Booster provides a standard, cross-platform implementation of system services, including
-user interface services
-database and file support
-multimedia, including graphics, animation, and audio
and more..

In 2007 Oracle has acquired the intellectual property assets of AppForge.
For more details about Booster visit

The AppForge Booster (CrossFire client) is included in most of the HandWallet installations. If you have any problems to install the AppForge Booster you may download it from this page:

Windows Mobile
Booster 5.1.1 for Windows Mobile ARM devices (FREE):
Booster 4.0.0 for Windows CE MIPS devices (FREE):
Booster 4.0.0 for Windows CE SH3 devices (FREE):

Booster 4.0.0 for P800, P900, P910 UIQ devices (FREE): Booster.sis
Booster 4.0.0 for Nokia Communicator 9200,9210,9290 devices (FREE): Booster.Communicator.sis
Booster 4.0.0 for Symbian (version 6,7,8) Series 60 devices (FREE): Booster.Series60.sis
Booster 6.5.3 for Symbian (version 6,7,8) Series 60 devices (FREE): CrossfirePremierClient.Series60.sis
Booster 6.5.3 for Symbian (version 9) (FREE): CrossfirePremierClient.Series60v3.sis
Booster 6.5.3 for Motorola A1000 (FREE): CrossfirePremierClient.Moto1000.sis
Booster 6.5.3 for Nokia 9300, 9500 (FREE): CrossfirePremierClient.Nokia9500.sis

Booster 4 for Palm OS 3-4:
Booster 4 for Palm OS 5:
Booster 6.5.3 for Palm OS 3-4:
Booster 6.5.3 for Palm OS 5: CrossfireClientPalmOS5

Booster 6.5.3 for BlackBerry: CrossfireClient_BlackBerry_Setup.exe

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