You can test HandWalletTM (as any other palm software) on a regular PC. This is done using an emulator which can be downloaded from Palm site.
To make life easier we have created one file which includes the emulator itself, the Palm Operating System, the Booster files and the HandWalletTM software.
You can download the file from pressing this link.
After downloading you need to open the file with one of the compression programs, for example Winzip to any location you choose. Afterwards, please run the Emulator.exe file. You will get the following screen:
Palm OS Emulator first screen
Press the "Open" button. You will be asked to choose one of two files with "psf" extension:
Palm OS Emulator Load Session screen 3color.psf Will demonstrate the software on a color PDA.
M100.psf Will demonstrate the software on a black & white PDA.

In this stage you should see the main palm menu. Select "HandWallet" application and start working.